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Grain Orders.

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Hopheads Updates

In order to keep content fresh and have quicker communication we’ve suspended posting updates on this page.  Please visit the Hopheads Facebook page for future updates.


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Hopheads Oktoberfest

DOctober is finally here and our annual Oktoberfest is just a few weeks away.  This year we are having our event/meeting in conjunction with Fort Benning’s Octoberfest at the Uchee Creek Campground.  Everyone is welcome and we have a chalet rented for Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 so you can stay overnight if you desire.  We’ll have plenty of great German beer and lots of fantastic German food available both days.  You can come either day or both if you like.  The Fort Benning Octoberfest is free to the public, is a family friendly event and with 5000-10000 attending each year, expect a big crowd.  Please start making your plans to attend and let’s coordinate our efforts so everyone shares responsibility for making this event a success.  This should be our best attended event of the year and we’ll have more details coming in the next couple of weeks.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Lederhosen and Dirndl’s welcome!  Usual rules…bring some homebrew or a six pack of a craft beer YOU have never tried.  Saturday night is German potluck, so if you could bring a dish it would be appreciated.  Email us for directions!

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We All Had a Great Time at Emerald Coast Beer Fest

Congrats to Bobby Brown for winning second place in the IPA contest for the Hopheads! Everyone that went seemed to have a great time. We still have some T-shirts in medium and XXL left. I’m sure we will buy some more soon! The festival was a great success. Here are a few pics.  See them all at our facebook page:Festival





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5 Tips for Using Star San

I was wondering how long star-san would last stored in my korny keg. I washed the keg out a week ago with Oxyclean, rinsed, and added star-san water. I was hoping I could just empty the keg this week and siphon a finished beer into it. I found this article that was pretty informative. Short answer is that Star-san can be stored this way for a long time. I thought I would share it with others that might not have known…

As we’ve mentioned, Star San is a pretty kick-ass method of achieving sanitation in your brewery. There are other options out there, but we’re definitely in the Star San camp as a fantastic and easy method of making sanitary things happen. I thought I’d write up a few of the Star San tips I use to maximize the impact of this great product.

#1: Measuring and Mixing

Star San should be distilled using 1 oz per 5 US gallons of water. Now, not too many people need that much all the time, so I find it easy to mix it in half-gallon allotments, blending the water with 3mL of Star San. I commandeered a plastic antibiotic syringe from one of those times when my kids were sick (both had separate prescriptions, so I didn’t use one of the accompanying syringes to use in the brewery). It is a 5mL syringe, which is really easy to dip into the Star San container, withdraw 3mL, and add to the water. I like to ‘shoot’ the Star San from the syringe into an empty bucket, suck up water into the syringe, and shoot it into the bucket – I do this several times to make sure I get as much of the Star San out of the syringe and into the solution. Then, I add the water to the bucket, swirl it up, and I’m done!

#2: Store It!

As we’ve stated before, when blended with distilled water, Star San will keep for a VERY long time, provided that it is sealed and kept out of the light. When I’m mixing up a half-gallon batch, I keep it in a sealed, one-gallon, white plastic container – it used to be a sturdy yogurt container, available at many grocery stores. This is the container I use when I want to flush out my auto-siphon – I stick in both the probe end and the rubber hose, cycling the Star San up and through the siphon.

#3: Spray It!

What could be easier than picking up a spray bottle and using it to quickly, deftly, and painlessly soak any brewing equipment? Well, I suppose not sanitizing at all would be easier, but we’re not stupid. Right? I keep a spray bottle on hand at all times, filled with the sanitary goodness. I top it up using the Star San in my plastic bucket. By the way, I go through enough of the stuff that I’m not worried about the eventual permeation of excessive amounts of air that would reduce the effectiveness of the solution over time.

#4: Keg It!

A corny keg is a sweet way to keep a decent amount of Star San on hands at all times. I usually only keep a gallon or so in a keg. The main use for it is to sanitize my other cornies prior to adding beer from my carboys. Use a hose with a liquid disconnect on each end, connecting to the OUT posts of each corny (obviously). Hit the Star San keg with CO2 and open the pressure release valve on the destination keg. Push over enough liquid (shake the destination keg to estimate how much has moved over) to enable you to shake, roll, whatever the second keg to coat all the insides and IN post with Star San, and it’s sanitary. Don’t forget to close that pressure relief valve before you turn it upside down! When you’re happy, just switch the gas over the the second keg, pop the valve on the first one, and push it back. Done!

This is also very handy for having Star San on tap at all times. Keep a hose with a picnic tap on it for dispensing Star San any time you need it. There’s nothing like pouring yourself a cool glass of bubbly Star San…or not.

Read the rest…

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August Meeting Recap

Big thanks to Bobby and Trylene Brown for hosting this month’s meeting.  Everything went well, and we all had a lot of fun Luau style.  Jay brought kabobs, Bobby grilled wings, Brian brough spam sushi, Dee brought his tropical bread, and there were two versions of Hawaiian rice.  The pool was open and kids had a lot of fun.  Dee and Derrell got some non-member friends to judge our mini-IPA contest, and our host Bobby won.  Congrats Bobby!  We talked about next month’s festival we are attending, and sampled some great homebrews and craft beers!  DSCF1633 DSCF1646 DSCF1708 DSCF1732 DSCF1677 DSCF1704 DSCF1650

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August Meeting

Hello Hopheads!

The August meeting is this Saturday, August 10.  Bobby Brown is hosting at his house and the theme is a Hawaiian luau.  Please bring a luau insprired dish to pair with your beer along with a folding chair.  The pool will be open at 4pm and we’ll have a short meeting at 6pm.  There is a lot to discuss about next month’s beer festival.  Our IPA contest will follow with the winning beer being our club entry into the Emerald Coast Beer Festival.  If you are entering an IPA, please bring six bottles to share with the judges and club members.

Call or email if you have any questions.  See you Saturday!

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