Alabama’s Antiquated Beer Laws!

Once again it looks like the Senate has failed to pass even the most simple of Bills through the system again.

SB355 which was the Bill sent up to do away with the law making Homebrewing Beer for personal consumption Illegal  has failed to make it through once again. for the past few years a group known as FREE THE HOPS in Birmingham has been trying to get some of Alabama’s beer laws changed to reflect the the popular nationwide movement allowing for an increased (ABV) Alcohol By Volume. This  law if passed would give this states citizens the right and ability to purchase and consume some of the best regarded Beers in the world. as it stands right now however, we are limited to very strict guidelines that were created so long ago that they couldn’t possibly reflect the feelings and wishes of the current generation. they also took up the issue of Homebrewing Beer this year and introduced a bill (SB355) that would repeal an antiquated law making it illegal to home brew your own beer. Alabama is one of only a very few states that still makes this practice illegal. it’s not that they don’t want to change it, it’s that I believe they do not think enough people in the state care about it to make it a priority. The other issue still looming over this population of beer lovers is the fact that you can only open "Brew-pubs"  on historic sites and counties where beer was known to be brewed prior to prohibition……..

This has limited economic development in several parts of the state where individuals wanted to open a Brew-pub / Restaurant only to be told that they had to find a Historic Building/Site in order to get the license.

Rant over!!!!

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