Talking about HopHeads Meeting tonight!

  Well, we survived another one! I think everyone that attended last nights meeting had and great time and there was plenty of good beer to go around. Andy and Tara our hosts have a beautiful home, although the driveway looks like a roller coaster ride at six flags…..:) Andy had a very good  Sierra Nevada pale ale clone (his first attempt at kegging) and very close I might add to what he was trying to duplicate. Gonzo brought our last bit of IPA over and there was a very good selection of Micro Brews as well. Kurt brought over a bottle of his Mead which smelled like a cinnamon apple pop tart. (lots of cinnamon) Andy broke out one of his DUVEL goldens which I think everyone enjoys and we had a couple of beers from the KONA brewing company in Hawaii. we all enjoyed the pizza and the (salsa/kiech/egg custard/sour cream) thing tara made. uuhhhhhmmmm good! I dont know what was going on with Kurt ont his wanting to hug everybody or the ooogie comments he likes to make but he was not his usual Dungeons and Dragons self last night. Wade and Troby looked like they were having a good time too. janice and teresa sat outside on the patio most of the evening talking about everybody and Big Dave finally showed up about 2 hours late. ( he did stay for more than 20 minutes this time though ) Morgan and Ginnie almost made it after Ginnies daughters,boyfriends graduation but when everyone went to the Vault after the party they met us there instead.  Gonzo almost got puked on at the Vault and morgan was pissed that the dueling piano guys wouldnt play Rocky Top for him.Andy and TaraDSC01666YUK- CuveePizza BoysDSC01670DSC01671DSC01673DSC01674DSC01675DSC01676True LoveJanice and MEWHAT!would you like some Ham with that Cheese?BIG TROBYKurt loves to be huggedME and MORGANPUKE 1PUKE 2Hopheads


HopHeads Meeting tonight!

alright Hopheads, it’s  the second saturday of the month and this time were meeting at Tara and Andy’s in Fortson GA around 7:30 pm. something like 20 minutes from downtown I think so it wont be too far out. remember to either bring your own homebrew or something you have never had:)PHTO0007
if you need directions send me an email and I will forward you the Map link to there house or you can just call and I’ll give you the directions over the phone……….seeya later!
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