Talking about Hopheads monthly meeting

if you didnt make the meeting Saturday night, we had another great time ( for the most part ). it was HOT!, but I think there was enough beer to go around and we floated the keg of PinaGuana about 3am sunday morning. we were missing a couple of people this time,, but we made up for it with some of Janices friends from her Hometown. (Guntersville) we cant find Big Dave, Alexis missing in action again and Andy and Tara were busy I guess. all in all though it was a really good time. Wade brought out some bottles of Chimay reserve…….tasty! there were some other fine beers as well, but the list would be to long. if anyone ever reads this, give us a shout if you enjoy good beer and so so company, we seem to have an abundance of both…….DSC01702DSC01703DSC01705DSC01707DSC01709DSC01710DSC01711DSC01712


Hopheads monthly meeting

This months Hopheads meeting will take place at my house at around 7:30 pm Saturday June 7th.  remember to bring homebrew or something you have never had before for everyone to sample. if you have some folding chairs, you might want to bring a couple with you just in case. I have several, but sometimes it’s not enough. I will provide the food and Ice and will have some room in a couple of coolers if anyone needs it.
seeya soon……
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