Talking about Emerald Coast Beer Festival

 after some people apparently couldnt fin this info here, I thought I would put it back up on the front page.


Emerald Coast Beer Festival

I thought I would go ahead and post the info for the upcoming trip to the Emerald Coast Beer Festival in September so there wont be any excuses later ….lol.
 This year, as it has been for many now, the event takes place the second weekend in September……the 5th and 6th this year:)
Most of us will be going down Wednesday or Thursday afternoon as always just to hang out at Bamboo Willies and Peg Leg Petes for some Oysters Rockefeller….uuummmm.  for those of you interested in the really late nights, you can check out the Islander Bar too  and for ye irish friends you wont have to travel far from the hotel to get to Paddy O’Learys Irish Pub either .
all but one of these bars are within walking distance of the hotel as well as several others I dont like as much, so I am not posting their info….lol
The website link for them is
This is the place to stay:
16 Via De Luna Dr., Pensacola Beach, FL 32561
Make hotel reservations directly with the Pensacola Beach Resort at 1-800-934-3301
Make your Reservations early or you will here: I TOLD YOU SO! I promise!
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