Hop Report

I thought I would post some new pic’s of my Hop Farm (wink wink) and show their progress ( or lack of ) since last time. it seems strange, but I have had a wierd set of circumstances befall me during this project. the biggest setback was when I almost killed them by accident trying to kill some of those pests that invade hops. from these pictures you can probably tell where the bottom third of the plants have no leaves, thats because they died when I applied 4 times the dosage of pesticide than I was supposed to. (dumb ass needs to learn to read the label).
I have been surprised by their comeback for the most part though. it looks like the Hallertau’s took the worst of it but the Centennial’s just kept growing. the others, have had mixed results. hopefully they won suffer anymore due to my stupidity and will come back next year and actually produce some usable Hop cones.
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