UPDATE: After talking with Gonzo last night, I thought I would post this update regarding tickets to this years festival. every year participants (Homebrew clubs, Brewpubs, Microbreweries etc.etc………) receive (4) FREE passes to both days of this event, in the past the cost for SOME of the extra tickets for other people going to Pensacola with us has been paid for by myself.  but, after last year I made a decision that will impact all of us to some degree. The advance purchase tickets this year are $20.00 for Friday night ($30.00) the day of, and $10.00 for Saturday at the beach. to be as fair as possible, I thought we would all bear the costs evenly so no ONE person (namely me) would have to take on the whole thing. what I would like to do is split the cost of all the advance tickets between everyone in the group so that everyone pays the same thing. we have (4) tickets coming as I said so what we need to do is get a total number of persons who would like to take advantage of this, versus paying the full price alone. although it will not make a lot of difference, it will make some. the persons I know that are committed to this event are as follows: Tara, Andy,Frank, Gonzo, Janice, Derrell, and Morgan. other people I think are going are : Teresa, Big Dave, Alex, Ginnie and Hopper.

The other thing is timing, I am committed to making these ticket purchases by the 15th of August. anyone on this list that would like to take advantage of this modest savings should have their money to gonzo by thursday August 14th (8pm at the latest) we will buy the tickets we need the next day……. if I/we dont here from you regarding this, I will assume that you are planning on buying your own tickets either in advance or at the gate.

Thanks, Derrell


I decided to post some more pictures from last years Emerald Coast Beer Festival (www.emeraldcoastbeerfest.com) just because I could…..lol

the first one’s are from Friday night at Seville Quarter:

daecbfbeach20078  daecbfbeach20079  daecbfbeach200710  daecbfbeach200711  daecbfbeach200712

the rest are from the Beach on Saturday at the "Beer Olympics" , yeah we took third over all last year…..we rock! daecbfbeach200720  we took out http://www.mcguiresirishpub.com/ IN A CHUG OFF!  (with a great deal of help from Jeremy I might add. )


we had been formally challenged Thursday night at http://www.paddyolearysirishpub.com/  on Pensacola Beach by the group from McGuires, ( they said we were Going Down if I remember correctly) with a thumbs down gesture. maybe they have practiced a little more this year.

derrell ecbfbeach2007 daecbfbeach2007  daecbfbeach20072  daecbfbeach20076  daecbfbeach20073  daecbfbeach20074 daecbfbeach20075 daecbfbeach20077

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