This past Saturdays Tamale Fest and Sundays Brown Ale “Wades Holiday Stain”

After Saturday nights Tamale and Beer Extravaganza I awoke to the sounds of little children dancing in my head once again. two advil and a shot of pepto later and all was almost as it should be.
Someone told me that big Dave and his girl came back about 3:45am but I was already crashed and burning. sometimes Teresa
cant keep her big mouth / i.e. (text messages) shut and apparently that led to Dave thinking that we were still up and drinking the night away. he drove back to our house only to find us asleep and the Christmas tree lights turned off. oh well! sorry Dave, maybe next time.
We made about 6 dozen homemade Pork cooked in Pale Ale Tamales, Grilled Shrimp marinated with IPA and asian chili sauce, and a Chocolate Weiss cake made with a Tucher Hefe in the batter. uuuuuummmmmm!
we even had some Gluwein and spiked egg nog.
it seemed like everyone was having a good time, especially Tara and Andy playing hangman with Daves friend Tonyas little girl at the kitchen table. I think she kicked their butts, but I am not really sure.
I am giving the cheesiest beer award to Andy for bringing what amounted to day old bread fermented in a mason jar ( Michelob Ultrawashittttyyyy ). thanks Andy, ( whats Gonzo looking at? )
 it seems I can always  count on you for something different. He quoted me by saying ( you said bring something you have never had ). well that is true, I did say that everyone should only bring something they have never tried before. I might have to amend the Bylaws or something, if I dont big Dave will start bringing PBR again…
back to Teresa, for some reason she was suffering heavily from the DV that night and showed up around 1:30 am ready to drown her sorrows …(again)! (this little get together started at 7:30 pm) the DV is really responsible for her inability to show up on time and then again her inability to leave on time.
if Janice and I had stayed awake, she would have started this party all over again at 3:30 am and it would have not stopped till the last beer was gone.
I couldnt keep going though, I had to be awake and semi alert by 12:00pm Sunday to help Wade make his first All Grain Brown Ale. (Wades Holiday Stain)
after missing the 152 degree mash in temp by ten degrees (142) because of the extreme cold of the mash tun ( which because of my cloudy mind that morning, I forgot to preheat the mash tun ) I added another gallon of 170 degree water, stirred and it settled at 149 degrees for 1 hour. the OG missed the mark of 1.046 and landed on 1.042 but everything else seemed to go fairly smoothly.
it’s been perculating nicely at 70 degrees and probably only has till Sunday or Monday in the Primary.
Troby, Wade ( This Picture is of Troby, Wade and Myself during the summer ) yeah, I know it’s kinda gay looking!
and the New Guy (Chris) and his girl came by. seemed he just needed to borrow a nut driver to fix his vehicle and he was off like a shot to go to Wal*Mart and see a movie. (Chicks!) it was pretty cool outside and Troby was intent on starting a fire in the Chim-a-nia on the porch. after what seemed like 4 hours, one wooden daughters bird house and a bunch of lighter fluid ( FIRE ) after which the ashes then proceeded to float over into the boil kettle and land in the wort.  Wonderful!
Janice heated up some Gluwein and smokin hot cajun Gombo donated by our friend Kelli’s mom. (thanks Kelli’s mom), oh yeah, thanks for the Ham and Bean soup too!
The next time we meet it will be at Gonzos house, it will be a new year and hopefully this past year we added some joy to the world with our beer and silly ( sometimes goofey ) pictures and videos for you see. maybe you can join us next year and act silly all by yourself and get caught by one of our cameras looking foolish. I know we will. the next meeting will be as always the 2nd Saturday of the month and the following month Troby will host his first ever meeting at his house. now, with Wade, Tara and Andy, Kurt, Troby and Myself brewing something, we should have a much better selection of beers, ciders and the like flowing in the new year.
As this years almost over, I would sincerely like to thank all the Hopheads and their friends and family for hanging out and putting up with us over the past year. I think next year, Andy and Tara may leave us and create their own band of merry men (and women I presume). I especially want to thank them for participating at this past years Emerald Coast Beer Festival on our behalf leading in no small way to our finishing second overall in the days competition. they also kindly hosted 2 of the best meetings we had all year and if they actually do leave us, we will be all the the worse for it.
well, that about does it…….. Gonzos leaving Sunday for Arizona for Christmas, and we are off to Biloxi for New years eve…………. seeya next year!
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