Legislative Reception!

Well we went to Montgomery yesterday in support of all the Alabama Homebrewers in the State.
we took a Hard Pear Cider and a hoppy pale ale. the turn out was about what I expected but not what I had hoped for. Gonzo and I got there about 4pm central time and stayed till about 8:30. I would say approximately 40 to 60 people walked through during the night, although that is not an official number and may not even be close to correct.
there were several senators and lobbyists walking around talking about various things, looking to sign up to lobby for us and take our money.
it is a shame that our political system is riddled with this kind of thing. I am sure if we had $100k to throw a a lobbyist the bill would fly through the senate once Phillip Poole quits holding up everyone else from doing there jobs.
who knows, maybe someone will help us out, maybe they wont, I will be sure to vote for whomever does and not for whomeer doesnt………lol
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