Homebrewing Bill SB492

As next Tuesday is the 26th Legislative day of the current session, it will be the last day our Homebrewing Bill can be brought up, because of rule 36 in the senate, no bills that havent previously been brought up and at least received their first reading wont we allowed during the remaining 4 session days.
Basically that means were screwed this year I believe and Alabama Homebrewers will just have to continue to live outside those archaic prohibition era laws for at least another year.
I would like to thank John Little, Brant Warren, and all the other dedicated people that tried so hard this year to make this state at least on par with practically the entire United States regarding Homebrewed Beer legislation.
We are one of only 4 left that still have to enjoy our hobby in the shadows while the rest of the country is free to express themselves as they like with brewing competetions, public tastings, fund raisers and beer festivals.
while I am personally very disappointed with this years outcome, I have my Brewery well on its way to opening and plenty of other things to occupy my time, maybe next year will be the year that this crazy stupid law gets changed, who knows.
to all you people that would like to be able to brew your beer and have others try it legally, its time for you guys to get off the couch and take some responsibility on yourself. if your happy hiding in your kitchens and garages and drinking your beer all by yourself, dont worry about it.
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