sb 153

The Tourism & Marketing Committee has finally scheduled their first
meeting of the session for Tuesday morning before the Senate meets
that afternoon for Day 9. But our bill is not on the agenda, and
worse yet, two pro-Gambling bills are.

It is time for an Action Alert to contact Sen. Bobby Singleton (T&M
Chairman). His office phone number is (334) 242-7935, office FAX
number is (334) 242-7191, and email address is
Contacting other members of the T&M Committee would be helpful, too,
especially the powerful Barron, Smitherman, and Z. Little. Contacting
Singleton is most critical, so everyone should at least do that, but
here is the contact information we have for all of the T&M Committee

Bobby Singleton (334) 242-7935, FAX (334) 242-7191,
Lowell Barron (334) 242-7858, FAX unlisted, email unlisted
Charles Bishop (334) 242-7894, FAX unlisted, email unlisted
Del Marsh (334) 242-7877, FAX unlisted, email unlisted
Myron C. Penn (334) 242-7868, FAX unlisted,
Quinton T. Ross Jr. 334) 242-7880, FAX unlisted,
Rodger Smitherman (334) 242-7870, FAX unlisted,
Zeb Little (334) 242-7855, FAX unlisted,
J.T. Waggoner (334) 242-7892, FAX (334) 353-8255,

The approach I would recommend is to FAX and email today through
Sunday (for those Senators who have Fax and email listed), and then
voice call his office Monday and Tuesday morning before the 10:00
committee meeting. Your message should at least relate these points,
phrased in your own words:

– Please move SB153 for legalizing homebrewing to the Tourism and
Marketing Committee’s agenda.
– Note that this is the same bill that passed the committee
unanimously last session, so it will take very little time and effort
for the Committee to pass it favorably again.
– We are a group of Alabama citizens that has nothing to gain from
SB153 except the legalization of our hobby, so please help us in this
election year.

Faxing is an excellent way to communicate during off hours like over
the weekend, because the paper in the in-box demands attention. Email
is probably the worst way (but better than nothing), because your
message can easily be lost in the bulk, and may not be read until it
is too late. During business hours, voice calls to the senators’
receptionists are the most productive means of communication, and if
you have never done it before you would not believe how quick and easy
it is.

It is up to ALL OF US to help our bill move through the process.
Please commit to making these communications, and direct your fellow
homebrewers and supporters who are not on this email list to do the
same thing. Without paid lobbyists, showing strong popular support is
the only mechanism that will put our bill on the Senate’s radar.

Let’s get it done!


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