Wades Hopheads meeting.

Last Saturday nights hopheads meeting was a pretty good one, we have decided to build another jockey box for festivals and such, and which beers for the ECBF would be brewed by whom. Gonzo got the new valves and a spare for the Co2 manifold……..finally.
Bigun is going to bring 2 different ciders this year and Gonzo schooled everyone once again on the art of the pour, less is more kinda thing.
Kurt, Wade, Gonzo and myself will each brew a variety of different styles  and it was once again decided to have the Mojitovesa as it is the determination of the group, that many people ask for it every year.
we discussed several things that night and sampled Wades psuedo pils malt pale ale, and his Holiday stain which was very good.
I brought an accidental pale ale that I screwed up and wasted way too many hops bittering this bad boy. at around 7.5 % abv, it was a little harsh. the flavors seemed to be fine, but the amount I added at 60 minutes was too much, even for that big of a pale ale.
overall, it was a good meeting and we accomplished something I think.
oh yeah, wade tried to one up me in the food dept., by getting troby a huge steak (inside joke), I told him that I would see to it that he lost this fight.
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