Hopheads meeting and future posts.

This past weekends meeting at Jasons was the worst attended meeting ever. Kurt, myself, Gonzo, Chris W. and a new guy Dee were the only people there other than Jason, and he just lives there.
but, even with the lack of people, the ones that were there seemed to have a good time and had several homebrewed beers on tap through the jockey box. we even had more kegs than we had taps available.
Dee brought an English Mild, I took the Dortmunder Export an Ipa and the Sweetwater Clone as well as the Apfelwein I had left in a keg. Kurt brought some more of his Holiday ale which seemed to hae gotten better than I remembered it and Chris W. brought a Canadian Ale.
Hopefully next month we will have a better turn out and can plan for the March Homebrewers meeting in New Orleans.
Next months meeting is at Chris and Melissas on February 12, 2011.
as soon as he can take over these posts, Kurt is gonna start handling the calendar and Hopheads site, I thought it would be a good thing to let someone else get involved in the day to day part of this group rather than just Gonzo and myself.
hopefully he will bring a different perspective and a different tone to the group as a whole. (I hope I dont regret posting that)
we need to make a decision on the Banner and get the design and money nailed down as well as whether or not new tshirts are going to be in the works.
Hope to see some of you folks soon! D.

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