March minutes

The March meeting was well attended. Derrell, Lane , and Dee all brought homebrews. Gonzo brought a new Sam Adams brew: Latitude 48; Dave prepared a chicken and rice dinner. Also in attendance were Wade (McSorley’s Irish Black Lager), Kurt (Ommegang Abbey Ale),Frank (Sweetwater 420), Janice (Charm and Beauty), and Angela (Beauty and Charm). And every body looked great!!

Next Month at Rena’s. Stay tuned for information and directions.

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One Response to March minutes

  1. conman says:

    Everyone did look good the other night, we really enjoyed hanging out and drinking some good beer.
    I didn’t really make it to the kitchen for Daves Chicken and Rice, but everyone else seemed to really enjoy it.
    it will be great if next month Rena does decide to brew that day. and starting earlier will be a nice change of pace as well.
    I think as more “Brewers” get into the mix, we will start to enjoy some really good beers and not just the few we have every meeting. seeya all next month or hanging out at Scruffy Murphys St Paddys day, starting about 11am out front as long as its not rainng….

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