Homebrewing Legalization 2011

Our 2011 Homebrewing bill should be dropped sometime this week. just before the spring break, our Senators and Representatives were busy with more pressing matters (the budgets and stuff), and our bill had to be massaged a little by the ABC guys.
we look forward to a day when we never have to even mention this kind of thing. I will be asking for all your help soon contacting your senator and representatives so hang in there.

UPDATE: HB 266 was submitted yesterday and was assigned to the committee on tourism and economic development similar to the last few years. Representative Mac McMcutcheon rounded up 22 co-sponsors as well, really working hard to push this effort forward. please check out the link in the sidebar or www.alahomebrewing.org to check the currrent status or write a letter on our behalf.


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2 Responses to Homebrewing Legalization 2011

  1. John Little says:

    When we speak of it in the future, let’s remember it in terms of the good old days when brewing was illegal.

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