The Perils of Alabama’s Legislative Process, HB266 is Dead for 2011!

I write this little blurb with a sad but determined face because the Legislators in Alabama dont understand what we want.
Some very dedicated people worked very hard this year to see HB266 through but in the end we didnt do as good a job as we needed to.
With the many districts and State Representatives and Senators, I think it’s imperative that next years efforts be much more focused on each districts local homerbewers contacting their representatives and senators and asking for their help. when some of them say they voted NO this year, its probably because even though we sent out hundreds of emails, letters and made huge numbers of phone calls, the truth is, they dont really know what we do or what we want to do it for. I am asking all the homebrewers I know to commit to a year long program of personally getting in touch FACE TO FACE with their Representatives and Senators and try and explain it to them. ask them to a cookout at the park and then bring it up . do something different but be respectful, they really just dont understand and we need to get a homebrewer from every district to do this. I know for some this will be impossible, but for most, we could do it, if we really wanted to.
I’ll be back with more requests.

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