2011 Oktoberfest and Weiner pulling aftermath………

This thing started on October 8th at around 4pm, but I have no idea how long it lasted. I started out drinking out of a tiny sample glass and finished with a 1 liter beer mug at around 9:30. I left the neighbors a little present on the street just up the road from D’s house in the gutter, hopefully the rain washes it away before they see it. I was holding my own until around 8:30 or so when I started to feel it, (you know, its like being burned by fire, as soon as you realize it, its too late) and then for some reason I just kept right on drinking samples of 7 or 8 different high gravity beers that myself, Jay and Chris from Boo’s party shop in Columbus brought over to share with everyone.  needless to say, I didnt have to drive home, Janice did…..lol

I have to applaud D for his efforts and hospitality yesterday, he had an awesome spread of traditional German food and beer available (his Kolsch was better than most I have ever had) and the Berlinerweisse was a big hit.

Rena, Jay, Angela G., Angela S., D and Ben were dressed in traditional German outfits and I have to give Rena special consideration for hers, lets just say that “exposure” wasnt a problem and the people that got to enjoy it, “Enjoyed the contribution”

We need more homebrewers like her 😉

I cant say that I actually remember any details of that last hour or so, but the stuff I do rememeber was great. thanks D and everyone for participating, seeya soon.

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