February minutes

February’s meeting was at Jay’s and Angela’s. Awesome homemade pizzas and smoked salmon sushi. Beers included Jay’s “S’mores” stout, Shiner Spring Dortmunder style, Sam Adams Double Bock, and many more that I can’t remember. Feel free to mention beers you liked in the comments.

Everybody looked GREAT!

Next month’s meeting is on March 10th. It will be hosted by Dave but will be held at Kurt’s.

Happy brewing!


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2 Responses to February minutes

  1. Chris Parker says:

    Hey, found you guys through a forum post on homebrewtalk.com; it’s cool to see a homebrew club here in Columbus (you guys are in Columbus GA, right?). I’m just getting started in all this (literally: brewing my first batch this weekend) and… uh… can I hang out with you guys? 🙂 Am I lame for brewing extract instead of all grain?

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