HB354 Passed the Alabama House, on to the Senate…….

The Alabama House of Representatives voted yes today on HB354 (the Homebrewing bill), it was a tense, long day, but the bills sponsor Mac McCutcheon stuck to his guns and pushed this bill through.

we still have to pass the senate, but for the past 2 years it has passed the senate and got hung up and died in the House. I think this year is the year. thanks to everyone that emailed their representatives and got the job done. we are well on our way to Homebrewing being legal in Alabama.

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5 Responses to HB354 Passed the Alabama House, on to the Senate…….

  1. ldcomic says:

    Woo-hoo! I really did not expect it to pass the House. I hate that it’s a crippled bill (60 gallon per year? Really?), but it’s better than being a felon.

    I just emailed my senator (Gerald Allen). Hopefully, we will finally join the other 48 states with some common sense.

  2. jay2629 says:

    This is awesome news! I know that sometimes even after passing both the house and senate that governers veto for political cover. What is the chance that will happen this time?

    • hopheaded says:

      really high on the face of it, but usually even if the Governor vetos the bill, it is returned to the house of origin and the veto is overturned by the House and Senate.

  3. jay2629 says:

    Do you know when it goes to the Senate?

    • hopheaded says:

      no way to know at the moment. I am sure the Senator will try to get it to a committee hearing next week, but who knows? if that hppens, we could see it on the floor in a week or two.

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