The Beer Clinic

This guy has the right idea!  Set up a business where people send you free beer and $6 for your feedback!  Of course, he is a certified BJCP judge, but how genius is this to get paid to drink free beer?  Here is what his site says:

THE BEER CLINIC™ homebrew evaluation offers both novice and accomplished homebrewers an opportunity to have their homebrewed beers evaluated and scored by a knowledgeable and experienced beer judge.

Like you, I am also a homebrewer and a competitor and I understand the value and importance of solid and coherent commentary and constructive feedback derived from objective beer evaluation. I have over 25 years of beer evaluation experience….

Details, details…
All brews submitted will be evaluated within one week of receipt and the results of the evaluation and feedback will be promptly returned to the brewer via e-mail. All beer evaluation is done in accordance with standard Beer Judge Certification Program rules and regulations.

All beers are judged against beer style parameters, not against other beers. All beers submitted for evaluation are kept properly chilled.

If you are interested, go check out his site.  If you’re interested in his business plan then you’ll want to start by becoming a BJCP judge.

Here is an interview with the guy.

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