Iron Brew

I thought this was neat.  Maybe Chatahoochee Brewing would host something like this in the future.  Of course it would bring some legitimacy if we had someone as a BJCP judge.  I’m really starting to consider this.

Mellow Mushroom Charleston and Holy City Brewingare teaming up to host “Iron Brew,” an Iron Chef-style home brewing competition where homebrewers will have just over a month of time to brew a beer using a secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient will be announced at a Mellow Mushroom Avondale Happy Hour launch party on Thursday, June 14.

After a period of six to eight weeks, the “brew”-testant’s beers will be sampled by a judging panel of Holy City Brewery owners, Mellow Mushroom Beer Club members, and select special guests. The winner of the competition will receive a Mellow-Holy City prize pack and the winning beer will be put into limited production, which will then be tapped and sold exclusively at Mellow Mushroom Avondale and Mellow Mushroom King St. The winning entry, runners-up, and “People”s Choice Award” will be announced the night of judging.

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2 Responses to Iron Brew

  1. hopheaded says:

    you dont have to be a beer judge to know if something tastes good. I know several BJCP judges, and while its cool, it does nothing to change the flavor of your beer. it is a great way to get “feedback” on the brews you make if thats important to you, but if you are a homebrewer that just wants to make and enjoy the beer you brew……dont worry about it, just enjoy the hobby. if the Chattahoochee Brewing Company has a similar event, I would rather the beer be judged by the customers that want to enjoy the winner. Cheers!

  2. jay2629 says:

    Cool. I agree on letting customers decide. Hopefully it will be legal for Alabamians to brew soon.

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