2012 Emerald Coast Beer Festival Competition Brewoff.

This years ECBF will again include a homebrew competition. This year they have chosen Kolsch (BJCP style 6C).
If any of you guys are interested (and ladies), we will have a brewoff to determine the beer we will submit as a club.

We would like as many people that can to submit their beer for evaluation and judging at the August Hopheads meeting. We will evaluate each others beers based on the accepted style guidelines and vote on the beer that the majority views as the best beer according to the rules and guidelines for the competition.

These events provide valuable feedback to you as a brewer and can’t do anything but improve your brewing skills. This year we would like to win the competition and bring the award back to the valley area.

Please notify D. As soon as possible if you are entering the brewoff in August. FYI, Kolsch takes a while to clear and you should be expecting to brew yours no later than the end of June.


I decided to post a simple Kolsch recipe I found on the Internet, this is reportedly Jamil’s recipe, but I dont have my book in front of me to check. I am not saying you should use this recipe, I am only giving you something to think about.


11 lbs German 2-row Pils info
.5 lbs German Vienna info
1.75 oz Hallertau (Whole, 4 %AA) boiled 60 min. info
.5 oz Hallertau (Whole, 4 %AA) boiled 5 min. info
1 tsp. Whirlfloc tablet boiled 10 minutes. (not included in calculations)
Yeast : WYeast 2565 Kolsch info

Mash at 148F for 90 min. Boil 90 min. Ferment at 60F.

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One Response to 2012 Emerald Coast Beer Festival Competition Brewoff.

  1. jay2629 says:

    I found another recipe that said it was Jamil’s and had won first place that was 9 lbs German pilsner, 1 lb munich malt, and .5 lbs wheat malt with 1 oz of tettnanger (60) and .5 oz tettnanger (5). Same yeast. Mash 60 mins at 152 and boil 90 mins. Ferment at 58 to 60 degrees and bring it up to 65 close to the end of ferment.

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