FTH container size / big bottle bill is dead. NOT! It passed today……

Although not really anything to do with Homebrewing, the FTH sponsored bill to raise the container size  from a statewide 16 oz limit for bottles and cans died today.
(13) counties in Alabama already allow for containers larger than the 16 oz limit, but this was supposed to be the year.
Were not really sure what happened to the votes we were supposed to have , but it failed to pass the BIR  by a vote of 42-40.
Technically the bill isn’t dead, but it would be a miracle if the sponsor and lobbyist got it on another calendar before the session runs out. (4) days left.

EDIT: After all that I wrote above being frustrated, SB294 was put back on the Calendar today and passed handily. Soon, big beer bottles and more variety for good beer lovers in Alabama.

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2 Responses to FTH container size / big bottle bill is dead. NOT! It passed today……

  1. jay2629 says:

    Who voted these retards into office?

    • hopheaded says:

      Just to follow up, according to a couple of representatves we have been in contact with today, the whole thing with the BIR yesterday was retaliation for for something that happened during last years election and wasnt really about killing the bill. that said, since it was a procedural vote on the BIR (Budget Isolation Resolution) and not a vote on the actual bill, we have information that they always intended to bring it back up today and vote for it. they went into session at 11am cdt and just recessed for lunch until 2:30 pm cdt at which point they will be back on the SOC. I will update the progress (or lack of ) as soon as I hear anything.

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