Sam Adams Longshot Contest Soon

I realize I am late to the game posting this, but if anyone has seven ready-to-go bottles of homebrew the deadline to get the beer into Sam Adam’s homebrew contest is May 25th so you’ll want to ship it a little sooner than that. You may even have time to brew something simple. No entry fee for this!

Here is a link to the rules and regulations.

. How do I enter?

(a) Log on to and follow the on-screen entry instruction to complete the electronic entry form or print and fill out the entry form (the last page of the Rules and Regulations, or download from For complete instructions on filling out the entry form, see Part II.

(b) Entrants who complete the electronic entry form will receive a detailed email with shipping instructions and customized Bottle Identification Forms. Paper (offline) entrants should download and print Bottle Entry Forms.

(c) Fold and rubber band the entry form around one sample bottle and rubber band a bottle identification form to each of the other three bottles. Your entry will be disqualified if you use glue or tape to secure the forms to the bottles.

(d) Pack your bottles carefully. (See Part III, Section G for packaging and shipping hints)

(e) Ship or drop off your entries to the appropriate address provided in your confirmation email. Entries sent to the wrong site will be DISQUALIFIED. Upon receipt of submissions, judging sites will email entrants an acknowledgement of receipt. Packages with postage due or C.O.D. charges will be returned to sender.


Send four (4) bottles for your entry, and KEEP THREE BOTTLES OF THE SAME BATCH OF BEER YOU ARE SENDNG US. If you advance to the semi-finals we may need more samples of your entry for lab analysis.

The four bottles of your brew along with the entry form must be received at the appropriate site between Monday, May 11, 2012 and 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 25, 2012.

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