June 9, 2012 Hopheads meeting

Last night’s Hopheads meeting was very well attended even with the rain. Morgans menu was great as always, with ribs, shepards pie and a great , simple spinach/artichoke shrimp dip. We had a couple of new homebrewers show up and a fairly good crowd of regulars. Last night wincluded the re-Iroductuion of beer judging on session beers. Style wasn’t critical, only the overall impression made with each beer. Jason had 2 Creme Ales, Kurt had an American Pale Ale, D brought his redlagerale and Jay had a Brown Ale. We used a random selection of judges rather than just a few for every beer. After reading through the comments and looking at the sheets that were actually filled out all the way (some didn’t actually score their sheets), I am listing them in order of rank as best I can. D’s Redlagerale scored very high and was obviously the favorite among the judges, followed closely by Jasons first Creme Ale .
Jays Brown Ale was a close third and then Jason’s second Creme Ale. Kurt’s pale ale was last in overall impression and scoring, but it was obvious that some of the judges enjoyed it, despite Kurts best efforts to keep that from happening…..jk Kurt, there is only so much you can do with a True Brew kit.

This meeting was the start of a new round of beer style brewoffs that we hope will grow and really offer area homebrewers a chance to hone their skills by competing with their peers for bragging rights.

The style for Julys meeting brewoff is a German Dunkelweizen. BJCP Style (15 B). These needed are fast fermenters and fit well within the time constraints we have.

The August meetings beer is the Kolsch we want to represent the Hopheads at the 2012  ECBF and will be judged according to style and “best overall impression” of the style.
Since there isn’t a meeting in September, that should give us time to consider the October beer style , which at the moment I would think should be a real German Oktoberfest Lager. If there are other suggestions that people would like to make for the October beer style, feel free to post in the comments section and the one with the most votes wins. Just try to stick with something seasonal please.
Hoppy Brewing!
ps, don’t forget to make your Pensacola hotel reservations for September 6,7 and 8 at the Days Inn Pensacola Beachfront hotel. Remember to speak to Marta and mention you’re with the Emerald Coast Beer Festival.

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3 Responses to June 9, 2012 Hopheads meeting

  1. jay2629 says:

    Maybe a spiced ale. Octoberfest takes a good while to lager.

    • hopheaded says:

      That’s why I mentioned it now, instead of next month. There is plenty of time if you want to brew one. Like I said, as long as we brew a beer that fits the season, I think it should be fine.

  2. rdeemo says:

    If you served a spiced ale at a German Oktoberfest you’d be frog marched to France and deported for a 1st degree Reinheitsgebot violation. Make an Altbier or Kolsch. Germans make fine ales as well as lagers! If you want spices, make gluhwein.

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