Careful Yeast Starter

Check out how cautious this guy is with his yeast starter. This is video six of him making a starter. I wonder how many professionals take their shirt off (5:38) at the brewery labs?

This guy doesn’t mess around when it comes to sanitation. Wow! How did people ever brew open vessel? Love the laugh tracks too!

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3 Responses to Careful Yeast Starter

  1. Derrell says:

    I would blow my brains out before I took my shirt off to pitch yeast. He is right about as little moving air as possible in the room, but unless you’re in a clean room environment, you cant really insure sterility, which is apparent goal. good habits that include good sanitation practices are critical in the long run to making consistenely good beer, but this is just way over the top. not taking your “sterile” wort outside in moving air or in the kitchen with the ac blowing should always be followed just the same as not breathing in the yeast flask, but a sufficient healthy yeast pitch would squash any free wild yeast strains immedietly and they wouldnt have any significant effect on your beer.

  2. jay2629 says:

    I thought this was hillariously over the top.

  3. Ben says:

    He is a crazy person. OCD cannot even begin to explain this guy.

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