Hopheads Homebrew Club Articles of Governance Proposal

Here is the proposed framework for organizing our club.  Please review the text and feel free to offer any changes or recommendations.

The Hopheads Articles of Governance

Article 1: General

Section 1: Name

The official name of this organization is: The Hopheads Homebrew Club of Georgia (a.k.a. The Hopheads)

Section 2: Mission Statement

The purpose of the Hopheads Homebrew Club of Georgia is to:

  1. Foster a love and appreciation of home and craft brewed beer, wine, and mead both within our club and also within the local community.
  2. Seek and provide feedback to our fellow brewers to better hone our brewing skills.
  3. Create an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect with all home brewers in the greater Columbus/ Phenix City area.

Section 3: Membership

The Hopheads is open to open to anyone legally able to drink that has a passion for quality beer, wine, and/or mead. If a person or persons decide to become members then membership dues are $25/year per individual or $35/couple. Membership is not required to attend monthly meetings, but will be required in order to attend any public events (participation at public events may be open to non-members at the discretion of The Board), have a voice during group votes, or be eligible for board member positions.

Membership is completely voluntary both at the member(s) and at the club’s discretion. Membership may be terminated by the member at any time desired, but refunds will only be given within two months of renewing membership or a majority vote by The Board. Members who are voted out of the club will not receive reimbursement for membership dues.

Obtaining membership status is at the discretion of the club and applicants can be rejected by The Board for any reason.

Article 2: Governance

It is the goal of The Hopheads to maintain a decentralized hierarchy. However, there is a need for decision making and responsibility ownership. The goal of our governance model is to ensure that a democratic model is followed as much as possible. In short, the hierarchy of The Hopheads is as such:

  1. The Hopheads
  2. Governance Body
  3. Subcommittee
  4. Committee Members at Large

Section 1: Principal Governance

The primary ruling body of The Hopheads will be a five member governance body known as the Governance Board (hereto called The Board). The Board will have veto powers over all subcommittees. The Board and each subcommittee will follow the ‘majority rules’ mantra for all decisions.

Each subcommittee will have three members and will be topic-centric. Furthermore, each subcommittee may be ephemeral in purpose or long-lived. All bodies will be subordinate to The Board and only upon majority agreement by The Board can new bodies be created.

The Board will be elected on a yearly basis by all current members of The Hopheads. The Board will have a say on who holds positions in the subcommittees, but members of the club may nominate candidates. The Board will be in charge of assigning officers to the following subcommittees:

  1. Governance Committee
  2. Treasury
  3. Webmaster
  4. Event Coordinator
  5. Ministry of Education
  6. Committee Members At-Large

There is no limit to the number of committee seats a member may hold. However, nominees can be prevented from taking a seat by a majority rule by the committee or a majority vote by the club.

Section 1.1: Subcommittee Duties

Section 1.1.1: Governance Committee

The Governance Committee will be in charge of keeping this body of rules up to date, amending when new rules or directions come up, or when shortcomings of this document are realized. Changes to the governance document must be ratified by the Governance Body. If a change to this document is ratified by the Governance Body, it can be overruled by a majority vote of The Hopheads but only in the circumstance than an alternative solution is approved by The Hopheads majority in the same vote.

Section 1.1.2: Treasury

The Treasury committee will be responsible for collecting and disseminating funds for the club. This committee will be responsible for ensuring club dues are collected, dues owed for events are paid, and any ancillary costs and/or revenues are reported to The Board within two weeks of actualization.

Section 1.1.3: Webmaster

The Webmaster committee will be responsible for determining the type of content to be published on The Hopheads web site. In addition, the webmasters will be responsible for any interaction on social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

Section 1.1.4: Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinators will be responsible for any public or private events that The Hopheads will participate in. This includes coordinating the monthly meeting.

Section 1.1.5: Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education committee will be in charge of picking topics of conversation around the brewing process and deciding the appropriate venue for those conversations. Topics of conversation should not be limited to just the club and finding venues with the outside public is encouraged.

Section 1.1.6: Committee Members At-Large

CMaL will be members of ephemeral committees that are ephemeral or short-lived. For example, CMaL may be tasked with choosing T-shirt designs for upcoming events. CMaL committees can and should be considered as subservient extensions of the other four permanent committees.

Section 1.2: Subcommittee Conflict

There are no limits to the number of subcommittees a Hopheads member may belong to. However, if a Board Member nominates themselves for a position in a subcommittee, the other two subcommittee members must agree to the Board Member’s nomination. If two members of a subcommittee are also on The Board, the majority of The Hopheads members must agree to the nomination. If the majority of The Hopheads members do not agree with the Board Member(s) nomination then the club members can nominate and elect a candidate(s) based of club majority.

In the event of a conflict between two groups who have similar responsibilities, a vote will be brought before The Board. The Board’s decision will be binding and can only be overridden by a majority vote of all current members of The Hopheads.

Section 2: Changing of the Guard

As noted earlier, The Board will be elected on a yearly basis. The voting process will be by closed ballot at the club meeting one month prior to expiration of the current The Board’s term. It is the outgoing The Board member’s responsibility to coordinate a smooth transition of all current and upcoming responsibilities for the incoming The Board. At the following club meeting the official transition to the new Board will take place. After this point, members of the outgoing Board have no authoritative power; they can only provide insight into previous directions and suggest choices. The outgoing Board shall also be available to the incoming Board for a maximum of two months after the official transition to ensure clean transition to the new Board.

All officers will be appointed by a majority vote of The Board. Officers hold their position(s) during the duration of The Board. One of the first tasks of The Board on the day of official transition will be to either confirm or suggest replacement of officers.

Section 3: Absentee Voting

Governance Body and Subcommittee members may vote in absentia if necessary. If it is found a member is abusing the in absentia power they may be removed from the committee or body by a majority vote.

Section 4: Expulsion of Members

Members may be expulsed from the club by a majority vote by the club. Only members of The Board may initiate a vote but a vote may be requested by members of the club. Upon expulsion, the former member relinquishes all rights and privileges previously granted, including committee membership and voting privileges.

Section 5: Vacancies

With the exception of The Board vacancies, all vacancies will be repopulated by the The Board. In the case of a The Board vacancy, an interim member will be chosen by the Board until a vote can be assembled by The Club. Should the interim Board Member not be elected then standard transition period rules will apply to the incoming and outgoing board member elect.

Section 6: Petitioning The Board

For minor affairs petitioning The Board should be done by informal means (e.g. raising a question during a monthly meeting). In the event an affair will require a vote by a committee or The Board the affair should be raised through email (or similar medium such as Facebook message) to all members of The Board at least one month prior to the next meeting. This will allow The Board adequate time to gather a voting quorum.

Article 3: Member Duties

Section 1: Club Meetings

The primary duty of a Hophead member is to have fun and be a positive member of the club. Being a positive member includes tasks such as taking part in committees as elected, following dictates of the club leadership, and participating in public events when possible. All members should attempt to attend one monthly meeting per quarter. Any member who is not attending regular meetings is subject to expulsion at the discretion of The Club and/or The Board.

Section 2: Club Events

The Hopheads will routinely be involved in club-specific events. These events may be as simple as a monthly club meeting or our yearly trip to a beer festival. At all times a Hopheads Member should behave in accordance with the bylaws of the club and represent themselves in a manner suitable of the club.

Section 2.1: Monthly Meetings

All business for the current months meeting should be finalized at the beginning of each meeting. The location and details of the next meeting should be determined at the same time. After all points of interest have been discussed and finalized then the events for the current months meeting will begin.

Section 2.2: Road Trips

All plans for road trips will be decided at the meeting prior to the road trip. If it is decided that a rental vehicle will be need for the trip all funds for the rental should be collected before the rental agreement is signed. Any funds for gas or miscellaneous travel expenses can be collected at a later date than the rental. The funds for the rental and or gas and miscellaneous expenses can also be acquired through fund-raiser events.

Section 2.3: External Club Events

External Club Events include any type of club organized activity other than out traditional monthly meeting. These events may take the place of the monthly meeting. Such events include: Brew Fest, Fund Raisers, Club Brew days, Road Trips, Public Outreach Events, or Club Contests.

Section 2.4: Fund-raiser Events

The Hopheads would like to begin hosting and/or joining Fund-raiser Events with the public. The desire is not only to build a coffer but to also present to the public the joys and wonder of home brewing. As such, the primary goal of any Fund-raiser Event will be education and inclusion of the public over any potential for fund-raising. However, if The Club determines that an event will drain too many resources versus the effort required The Club can opt (and is indeed compelled) to not participate.

Section 2.5: Community Outreach Events

In the spirit of spreading the joys of craft beer, The Hopheads will engage in public Outreach Events with the intention of cultivating a love for home brewing with non-members. These events will be chosen at the discretion of The Club after being called for vote by The Board. Consideration for participation in an event can be made by either a Board member or by a member of The Club.

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One Response to Hopheads Homebrew Club Articles of Governance Proposal

  1. Kurt says:

    I think this document provides a workable framework for managing the activities of our club as it stands.

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