Oktoberfest Cabins and Kurt…….

This past weekend was our monthly meeting and this was the first time we had a meeting that lasted overnight. Friday wasnt really a meeting day, but since we had the cabin for both days, it made for a much nicer weekend. we highly recommend staying at the http://uchee.benningmwr.com/ campground if you like that sort of thing and are going to be in the area. its about 20 to 25 minutes from downtown Phenix City or Columbus GA, and they offer many defferent ways to stay for a very reasonable amount of money.

After spending the night friday, I had to get up early (for me), about 6:30 and run home for a bit. I cut a little more firewood for saturday night and we headed back our there about 1:00 pm. the other folks had gone to eat lunch when we arrived, but it gave me plenty of time to start the grill and get the Schwenkbraten on the grill,

and get the fire going for the nights campfire.

When D, J and Angela returned, I had almost finished cooking the onions that go with the grilled pork and D and I cracked open the first beer of the day

D brought  an ALT and a no boil Hefe along with a Doppelbock and J brought his Oktoberfest and several bottled beers. the rest of us were lame and only brought commercial examples of some of our favorite German or seasonal styles, but nevertheless, we had plenty of Beer to go around.

D was the only person sporting the traditional attire, but he looked good.

some other folks started showing up later in the day and we got some club business out of the way (post to follow), and after D finished up the Brats and German potato salad, we decided to get the food thing out of the way. I want to thank  J and Angela, D, Janice, Lane and Angela G., Kurt, Troby, Big Dave, Kathy, and Chris and Melissa W. for attending. this obiously wasnt the most well attended event we have ever had, but it was fun and I hope we are able to do it again.

Though e may not always drink beer, when he does, he gets hammered!

We had some guest homebrewers from Harris county GA show up while we were sitting around the fire during the day which had seen our post here on the website about our Oktoberfest and decided to check out the area. we were glad to meet out guys and hope to see you soon. they had a pretty good reason for not being able to hang out with us though, they were meeting some other friends at home to brew.

We were very happy to have our friend Dave back from California for a while and he seemed happy to be back.

For some reason, J always has the same look on his face and can apparently see perfectly fine directly through his eyelids?????

Troby brought Kurt down and it was good to see this little guy again. he isnt able to make a lot of the meetings, but when he does, its a treat for everyone else.

In closing, I would again like to thank everyone that was able to attend, and chastise everyone that didnt show up if they could have. we are a  small group, and without participation from as many as possible, these kinds of events wont happen. I know that sometimes we have conflicts and priorities that get in the way of our meetings, but I would like to remind everyone that this (meetings) happens only once a month, (on the same weekend), costs practically nothing and is generally a lot of fun. Prosit!

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