House Bill HB9 will be debated and voted on tomorrow!

House Bill HB9 is on the Special Order Calendar for tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 28).  That means the House of Representatives will debate the Homebrew Bill and vote on whether to pass it after they convene at 9:00 AM tomorrow.  If you have not recently called your representative to ask for support, please do so immediately!  We need to melt the phone lines to overwhelm our opponents, who are trying to do the same thing at this very moment.  Alabama residents, here is how to do it, fast and easy:

1) Find your legislator via Free The Hops’ tool:

2) Type your address and city in the “search by address” form, and click the Search button.

3) On the resulting webpage, click your House representative’s name under the “State House” heading.

4) Pick up the phone and call the listed “State House” phone number.

5) Leave a polite and respectful message asking for your representative to vote YES for HB9 “The Homebrew Bill” tomorrow.

6) Pat yourself on the back for doing your part to end the Prohibition of Homebrew in Alabama!

If you can’t call, at least send email if your representative has an email address listed.  However, it is quite possible that they will not see your email before tomorrow’s vote, so that is why a call is better now.

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