April meeting recap.

Our April meeting was hosted by Jay and Angela. Dee brought the jockey box with his Belgian IPA and Alt. Jay provided his IPA and Coconut Stout. Ben provided some Brown ale and the Alt that Dee and he brewed. Ken and Lisa brought some good homebrew too.

There was a lot of great springtime food and the weather was great! We had some really good food pairings like Mike’s corn salad with DFH Positive Contact and Ken and Lisa’s Stout brownies! Jay paired bacon cheddar deviled eggs with his IPA and chocolate drizzled coconut macaroons with his Stout.

The club decided to use the treasury to reserve a cabin for Octoberfest. Kurt took care of the reservations, THANKS KURT! He also announced he is brewing a stout.
Derrell, Janice, and Gonzo showed up later. Everyone had a great time playing Cards Against Humanity.

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