Club IPA Mini-Contest

Hey Hopheads! This year at the Emerald Coast Beer Fest the club competition will be an IPA. Only one entry is allowed per club, so please email us at if you would like to give it a shot. Your IPA will need to be bottled and ready to drink by the 2nd Saturday of August. Bottle at least 7 bottles if you usually keg, or bottle all of it if that is your regular practice. The winning beer in our club must be served to the public on Friday’s tasting so make sure you keep enough for that whether its in a keg or bottles. Bottles are allowed if you don’t keg yet for Friday and Saturday. On the 2nd Saturday of August we will have a mini-contest at our monthly meeting to determine who’s IPA will represent the club. The contest will use BJCP guidelines and score sheets to determine the winner. More details on the contest and where the August meeting will be held will be announced later. The contest is open to all due-paying members. Here are more details on the ECBF rules.


One Entry per club allowed (choose your subcategory carefully). Club must ensure that beer entered in competition will be served to beerfest participants at Friday evening tasting (Sept. 6th).

Entry consists of 3 brown bottles, all label removed. Embossed lettering is ok. Bottle size 10-16 oz. Rubberband a label with your club’s name and the IPA subcategory to each bottle. Do not use tape or glue.

Entry submission deadline is Sunday Sept. 1st. Entries may be brought or shipped to:

Gary Yetter
1269 Benning Place
Pensacola, FL 32506


Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the beach party on Saturday Sept. 7th.

AHA certified judges are MOST welcome to help judge. Judging dates TBD based on judge availability.

So, in the meantime get seven bottles of your best IPA recipe together and have it ready by the 2nd Saturday of August. Email us and let us know you intend on entering the mini-contest by the July meeting which will be held at the Chattahoochee Brewing Company. Good luck.

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